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Savaged by nuclear war, devastated by natural, and unnatural disasters, the Earth, cradle and birthplace of your race, was ruined by nuclear fire. Never before had such desolation threatened man's existence. Yet still, out of the ashes crawled the Rad-child, the mutant, the...



What is Wasteman?

Fun, fast, and refreshingly crazy, players or 'comrades' armed with a hand of M.A.D cards and a syndicate of ruthless wasteland denizens, attempt to vanquish their opponent, survive bizarre encounters and/or capture much needed supplies!



In Wasteman you get:

  • Brutal, quick combat

  • Easy to learn, rewarding to master rules

  • Tactical alternate activations

  • Insanely fun random event M.A.D cards

  • An in depth stat creation system with loads of skills and equipment

  • Massive monsters

  • To play with any figures you like!



What do you need to play?

  • A copy of the Wasteman Rulebook and a deck of M.A.D cards

  • A few 10 sided dice and a tape measure

  • A selection of scenery – the more the better!

  • And of course...



In Wasteman you can use any miniatures you desire! While there are a plethora of factions available should you wish to stick to a theme, you are more than welcome to mix and match from your collection to create the wasteland posse you've always dreamt of! 

Typically a Wasteman syndicate will consist of at least one posse of between around 5 and 10 figures. You will need at least 5 figures to play, but there’s no real maximum limit to the size of your games.


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