New Madness ventures into Wasteman

It's new release time again! This month brings 6 new sets to the wastes - The Mad Venture Team, The Depubot, An Unwelcome guest, The mayor, A coalition Advocate and a handy set of activation cap tokens!

Mad Venture Team

Having wandered far and wide, Jack 'the Dog' and Hugh the Finn man are legendary brothers that hunt the wastes for the most viscious beasts, protecting settlements from almost sertain dinner.


The Depubot, this unit is equal to the Law.

The Mayor

Mayor of a desolate husk of a town, 'the Johnson' maintains order with his infamous chaingun 'wiff waff' and his even deadlier clumsyness.

An Unwelcome guest

Having crashed on earth, this Unwelcome Guest craves nothing but a warm beverage and your absolute obedience.

Coalition Advocate

The Lunar Coalition are often armed with nothing but the most exotic weapons, and the particle caster is certainly no exception. This weapon has been known to turn their unlucky target inside out. Perhaps it is no surprise that they are only weilded by those Advocates with a strong stomach.

Activation Token caps

Activation caps are a perfect way to make which of your figures have been activated in a turn.

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