It's finally here!

Wasteman has landed! Not only is the rulebook now available, I’ve also added a dizzying 14 new miniature sets as well!

The Rulebook

Wasteman is a fun, easy to learn, and refreshingly crazy game! Players or 'comrades' control syndicates, typically comprised of between 5 and 20 ruthless denizens of the wastes, in an attempt to vanquish their opponent, survive bizarre encounters and/or capture much needed supplies.

Packed with gorgeous illustrations, loads of background and all the rules to play Wasteman, the full colour, soft back rulebook comes complete with a full deck of M.A.D cards.

Posse Packs

Posse packs are your perfect start for a Wasteman Syndicate! They include all the figures, tokens and cards you need to get playing. Bear in mind that in Wasteman there are very few restrictions on what you can can include when creating your syndicate, so with four sets to choose from the combinations are vast!

(please note token slot bases are not included and will be available seperately at a later date)

Here are the first four Posse packs released this week:

Remnants of the dark days of world war three, Cybjörgs are a bizarre combination of biomechanics and genetic engineering. Amalgamations of flesh and an abundance of tubes, hideous and glistening with unspeakable fluids, they are the perfect, uncompromising killing machines.

‘Mangle Men’ is a loose (and some would suggest derogative) term for a wide variety of mutants, experiments and deviant individuals, brought together, for the most part, through a mutual love of anarchy, nihilism and ultra violence.

Years of nuclear fallout have filled the wastes with all kinds of bizarre and terrifying creatures. Children wet their beds to stories of fiendish Mawmen, and terrible grizzly Radbears. Many a Scavenger has met their demise in the stomach of a glutinous Cherub, trampled by a herd of Wrongasaur, or swallowed whole by a ravenous Sandshark.

Thieves, murderers and ruffians are nothing new, although nuclear annihilation has opened up far more opportunity for those of a violent predisposition. The lack of legal consequence has seen gangs of degenerates flood the wastelands, more than happy to take advantage of the situation.


I have added a multitude of bizzare and wonderful creatures to the wastes this week...

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