It's the final countdown!

We're coming into the last few hours of the Wasteman Kickstarter now and it's getting very close! Check out some of the new Add ons and stretch goals from the last few days:

Presenting a kickstarter exclusive add on - Johan the Slayer!

A giant of a man, Johan wanders the wastes in a search for vengeance, taking nothing but his trusty axe and a seldom quenched thirst for violence.

And from the depths of space comes a creature so cute ... sorry...TERRIFYING to behold that your mind may explode into squidgy pulp!!! Presenting the Abyzmaloid! Now available as an add on.

As soon as we hit 200 backers, each pledge of brawl and above will get a free Xam! A cold and calculating alien bounty hunter, Xam is ruthless to the last. He always gets his man/woman/mutant/thing.

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