Beware the claw! (More wasteman previews!)

Time for some more previews!

Here's an excerpt from the forthcoming Wasteman rulebook –

'Claws as big as a cow, shell as hard as steel, eyes glowing in the darkness and a scream that would make even the hardiest bandit piss himself, the Bugfoot is as terrifying as it is nauseating. Thankfully for the general population they are also incredibly rare, only climbing out of the depths when roused by foolhardy hunters, many of whom have spent their whole lives in search of the reportedly delicious beasts. Sadly for the hunters the feeling is mutual.'

And of course some miniatures:

Presenting the E-Liminator 5000, a robot programmed to KILL! But could it learn to love?

No, probably not.

The real brains behind the Mangle-men, Fugly Betty is treated with fear and reverence. (Though this could just be because of the smell)

And finally Mountain and Molehill from the Bully boys booster set, who love proving that two heads are better than none.

More updates soon!

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