More previews for Wasteman!

A few more previews today

Here’s a glimpse the M.A.D cards – an integral part of the game that really add to the crazy!

These are the stat cards that come with the Mangle men Posse pack.

It’s worth noting that, although each set will come with pre determined stat cards, there is an extensive Posse creation system that will allow you to select your own skills and equipment. Blank stat cards will also be available!

And, of course, it wouldn’t be much of a preview without a few figures

This is Jimmy the fist. Boss of the Mangle men and renown Pugilist.

And we have Otto from the Bandits Posse pack – Otto has based his entire life to following the teachings of thrash metal. Of course these are limited to the pictures on record covers as he has no access to a turntable.

Oh, and a sneaky peek at some activation tokens...

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