Previews from the wastes!

Wasteman is a frantic game, set amongst the ruins of a neglected and scorched Earth. Engage in desperate battles between post-humans, hideous monstrosities and killer robots over the dregs of an age of gluttony. Prepare yourself for the bizarre as you venture deep into a world of radioactive insanity. Prepare yourself for WASTEMAN.

Here we show just as few of the many miniatures available in our forthcoming kickstarter for Wasteman: a game of desperate conflicts in a desolate future.

First up we have Radical Trevor, the kickstarter exclusive figure. A man extradited from his lunar kin for his esoteric talents, destined for a lonely exile amongst the savage dregs of humanity.

The second is Big Boy from the Mangle Men Posse Pack. The descendant of genetically enhanced communist invaders, Big Boy is renowned for his love of exceedingly loud guns and Marxist literature.

Olga the Cruel from the Bandits Posse Pack is a notorious opportunist, leading a gang of cut throat cannibals on violent raids against unfortunate pilgrims.

Next up is the Titanotron, a huge lumbering robot originally designed to destroy any that dare desecrate the sovereign soil of the Americas. Now they are more likely to be found destroying those that dare leave no tip at Frankie’s burger bar.

It’s important to note that, although these figures have been named and given stat cards, there is an in depth syndicate creation system that gives you nearly complete control should you wish to design your own characters for your posse!

Stay tuned for more Wasteman Previews!

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